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make money with online casino

How to really make Money
on the Internet ?

- The Palmers method -

We ask for a few minutes of your time for you to read carefully and understand how you can win between $200 and $500 a day on the internet, quickly and easily.

You will be ready to win money as soon as you will have finished reading these pages.

Every day, new methods to win money effortlessly crop up on the internet; some methods are simple, and others sound quite sophisticated, but they are not always effective. In the past few years, those methods have flourished on the internet and millions of people have taken advantage of this incredible wave.
Start earn free money right now with Palmers method in online Casino

Why are we telling you all this? The internet is a wonderful tool to get free money and which allows you to share new ideas and strategies that other people can exploit in order to be richer, more powerful, smarter, etc. In other words, the internet allows people to put their knowledge to the benefit of a large audience! We are giving you the opportunity to earn money, don’t let it go! Seize it before somebody else takes your place!

Our method is the most efficient, quick, and easy way to make money on the internet. But most and foremost, it’s legal! Get to know the Palmers method! Receive free money. It’s revolutionary! It’s 100% sure and you can count on raising your income by between 100 and $500 per day.

What’s the procedure ?

Time is money and we, more than anybody else, are conscious of that. But just take a few minutes of your time to understand the Hawk Method. We don’t want to sell you anything and you won’t have anything to pay, it’s totally FREE! Don’t let this chance slip through your hands. Take 15 minutes, continue to read, and you will understand...

Check it out, you’ll see for yourself… In no time, you’ll come back to thank us!

Who are we ?
We are a group of probabilité experts specializing in the gaming industry. For several years, we have been using these techniques to win money easily in online casinos. We are the casino owner's worst nightmare.

Today, after having gathered a huge amount of money, we have decided to make our method public and to help other people increase their monthly revenues, effortlessly.

How can it be possible?
  • Nobody can see what you’re doing behind your screen.
  • You have all the time that you need to play and to think of your next move.
  • You can bet very small amounts of money
    (which impossible in real casinos).
Most of the online casinos offer you the opportunity to play for fun. You will then be able to test our method for free before jumping into the real thing.
make money with online casino

Getting started :

Start bu dowloading one (or more) of the following casino software programs. These casinos allow you to play for free, which will allow you to confirm the effectiveness of our method. Play for a long as you want; you need to feel confortable and confident before playing for real money. In no time, you will realize how easy it is.


make money with online casino
play in casino del rio
32 vegas casino
online money

STEP 1 : Select a casino from among our selection, and dowloading the program for free :

1. Casino Winner 2. Del Rio 3. 32 Vegas
4. Skykings 5. Joyland  

STEP 2 : Run the Setting File (100% guaranteed virus free). It takes a few seconds but it’s a mandatory step to play, see the 3D graphics, and interact with the cashier.

STEP 3 : Choose between fun mode/real mode. Be aware that in fun mode, you won’t be able to withdraw the money you have won. If you choose “real mode”, you’ll play for real money and will be able to withdraw your winnings. It is recommended that, if you want to play in real mode, you deposit an amount of $60 at least. Any amount between $60 and $80 would be the perfect amount to start with. Of course, if you can deposit more than $100, it’s even betterJ. The deposit amount will be deducted from your credit card at the end of the month as if you had made a purchase in a store.

playing FOR FUN is totally FREE!!!

STEP 4 : Enter your password and start to play in fun mode. You’ll be then able to try out our method. You’ll be amazed! In no time, you’re going to multiply the money invested!

RECOMMENDATION : We recommend that you start playing for fun before playing for real money in an online casino. You should be trained to play for real money in order to perfectly comfortable with the Palmers method.

Try it out!! You’ll thank us!!!

What’s the technique ?

Luck plays a big and necessary role in games in general but mathematics can help you control your chances. This is where we have something to offer.

The Palmers method has been created for the game European ROULETTE. This game is mostly determined by luck. Despite that, web have found the way to better your luck through mathematics. Even if you are not a roulette expert, you won't have any difficulty in following our method. Indeed, you will have to bet on "colors" (red ou black) as we will explain in a moment.

roulette strategie
By betting on those two different possibilities (red ou black), you will very quickly increase your winnings.

Very easy and efficient, this method advises you to bet double every time you lose at roulette. (*)

(*) Don't forget : try this method for fun before trying it for real money !!

Follow these steps carefully and you’ll understand the Palmers method :

Start by betting $1 on red (only $1!!). If black sort, comes out, bet again on red. This time bet $2 (double your first bet).
If black comes out again, bet $4 (double your last bet) again on red. Continue until the red comes appears, and you win.

IMPORTANT: once winning with a color, follow the same steps with the other color. Start by betting $1 on the other color- if you win, bet on the other color. If you lose, continue betting on the same color until you win.

In only a few minutes, you will see your winnings increase significantly.

play casino

Remember 2 things :

  1. If you bet on a color and that this color appears, you will have to bet $1 on the other color.
  2. If you bet on a color and that the other one appears, bet double on the color you bet on at first. If this color comes out, start betting $1 again on the other color, and continue.

If the 0 (zero) comes out, continue to play as follows. If you double on red because red numbers just came out, you have to consider the 0 (zero) as the color with which the series of the game starts. In this case, continue betting double on red. Here is another example: if you’ve just won (meaning if you’ve just bet on the series: red, black, red, black as the Hawk methodsrecommends), ou have to consider the 0 (zero) as the opposite color in the game you just played. In other words, the 0 (zero) should always be considered as the opposite color you’ve just played.

Start by playing with bets of $1 only. Wait until you reach $100 in winnings and start betting more ($5). When you have exceeded $250 in winnings, start betting $20. Once you have reached $500 in winnings, STOP AND KEEP THINKING.

D'ont lose control. If you get close to exceed $500, stop right now before you arouse suspicion. Keep in mind that for the casino it will seem very strange that someone who started with a bet of $50 won $500 so quickly. We recommend betting the equivalent of 20% of the winnings you've accumulated. This way, you won't be noticed by the casino security system. Then, try with another casino from the recommended list.

Recommended casinos :
To use our method, sign up at one of these casinos. They have been tested with our method and have shown increddible results !! The Palmers method is untraceable in these casinos !

1. Ambercoast

2. Euro Grand
3. 32Vegas
4. Skykings
5. Joyland

Reommendations :

Don't use this method in real casinos (not virtual); you could be evicted and/or having a complaint filed against you. In some states in the US, it is considered to be a felony and you could go to jail for it.

Once you have won $500 in one day, stop using this method for at least 24 hours on this casino. Some online casinos can locate the players that use tricks and tips and close their account. You won't be able to play in their casino anymore, although you will collect what you earned.

It is for this reason that we recommend playing in many different online casinos at the same time- to avoid being blacklisted in one or all of them.

If you have scrupulously followed our recommendations, you should be earning money by now. If so, don't thank us. Just come back on this website and make a donation.

We offer you our knowledge so that you can try it by yourself and see that it's revolutionary, but we can not guarantee it. However, if you follow each of the steps previously stated, you should be able to start earning money.

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